Communications class conflict analysis paper – 3 pages

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You will write a 3-4 page Conflict Analysis Paper where you must research and analyze communication within a specific relationship (work relationship, romantic relationship, family relationship, or friendship). This analysis can be over a relationship you are involved in, one you have been involved in, or one that you have observed on TV, in a movie, or in a book. You will be required to choose one relationship to analyze. You must choose a specific relationship.

You will be required to use theories and principles covered in class to analyze this relationship. Your analysis must include at least three (3) different major concepts from the course:

-one (1) of which must relate to conflict styles, variables in approaches to managing conflict, and conflict resolution; these topics should be the central focus of your paper

-one (1) of which must be a theory covered in your textbook or chapter notes that allows you to analyze relational formation, maintenance, and/or decline (these include: communication privacy management, dialectical tensions, Knapp’s model, social exchange theory, social penetration theory, uncertainty reduction theory, and turning points) and

-one (1) of which can be on a topic of your choosing related to a major concept covered in the course (this concept should be different from the above mentioned requirements; it should not be a concept about conflict or a theoretical approach used to understand relationships).

Each of the major concepts must be a prominent part of your analysis and significant time in the paper should be devoted to exploring the concepts, but ultimately addressing the issue of conflict in the relationship should be your central focus. A definition of the concept and a summary of the relationship being observed is allowed but should be brief. Your responsibility is to provide an analysis, which means the main content of the paper should be focused on applying the concepts you have chosen to the relationship. Each of the major concepts in your paper should be highlighted and in bold so that it is easy to see the concepts you have chosen to address. A well written paper will explore the concepts in depth and provide logical links to the different concepts the author has chosen to analyze in order to enhance the flow of the paper.

Your paper should have an introduction, body (with multiple paragraphs), and conclusion.

Use APA or MLA style for both internal documentation (in-text) as well as your references page if you need to cite sources for this paper. You should cite any information that you paraphrase or use direct quotes from (including your textbook).

In addition to your analysis, you will be graded on your ability to compose a college level essay. This includes using proper grammar and spelling, as well as having a professional writing style. If your paper is full of grammatical errors and errors in sentence structure, you will earn no higher than a “D” on this assignment. Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, with one inch margins. The paper should be written using Times New Roman, size 12 font.

The paper should be between 3-4 pages long.  Note that title pages, the bibliography, and headings are not counted towards the 3-4 page requirement. Significant grade penalties will be imposed for papers that that do not follow these rules. In other words: if your paper is under the 3 page minimum, you will incur deductions on your grade. If your paper exceeds the 4 page maximum allowed, you will incur deductions on your grade. Please make sure to observe the 3-4 page requirement.

This assignment cannot be made up unless you have a documented excused absence for all three days prior to the assignment due date/time. Not submitting this paper may result in an absence being recorded.