Compare and contrast the following two articles (2 pages max). use

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i will upload rubric and pdfs

Complete a reading review on the selected articles. 

Here is the content I am looking for

  1. Synthesis of the articles. This is not a summary of the articles but explanation of the “take-away” from the articles.
  2. How the articles relate to one another.
  3. How do the articles relate to your project or how can you use them in your project. 
  4. Your opinion of the articles. Are they well written? Do you think the content is fair/valid/appropriate?
  5. Identify, evaluate, and seek resources to cope with ethical dimensions in professional practice. 
  6. Demonstrate an awareness of the global impact of engineering solutions and its relevancy to engineering practices and professional advancements. (ie how do engineering decisions affect other parts of the world?)