English persuasive essay proposal | english 105 | Indiana State University

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PROMPT: Persuasive Essay Proposal (DUE 4/1)

For this assignment, you will compose a 200+ word proposal that details the topic you’d like to address in your persuasive essay, and the position that you will take. The proposal can be informal and is not the same as a thesis, but it should serve as the basis for your research and exploration. Be sure to include background/context on your topic such as an introduction of the topic, the 2 “sides” of the argument, and a brief explanation of why the side you will take is a better solution/position. Remember that I will either approve or deny these proposals, so be sure to put in effort and effectively articulate your ideas so you can demonstrate to me that you have a detailed understanding of your subject. 

I have attached the prompt so you can see what this entails and also for what the whole paper will look like.