Ethical issues in tourism | Management homework help

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Choose a current ethical issue in tourism and create a four- to five- minute PPT video or podcast discussing the issue and applying a particular ethics-related concept to a “real-world” problem.  Concepts, theories and actions can be taken from Module 3.

You will need your mobile device to do a five-minute (max) video recording or podcast. The recording will demonstrate your understanding of a key concept or two (choose any theory or concept that you like) and then conducting a recording that results in a clear and concise piece.  By this, we mean a simple beginning, middle, and end.  You will need to explain what the ethical issue is, present examples of at least 2 solutions drawn from good practices found elsewhere. Finally, present your solution to the problem and explain why it is the most appropriate.

Concerning structure, aim for 1 minute to explain the problem, 2 minutes on good practices elsewhere, and 2 minutes on the solution and conclusion.

Cite the sources using APA and include a reference page at the end of your PPT. Minimum of 4 academic sources.