Literature review | Article writing homework help

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  • Keep the scope of your research focused. 
  • Spend time evaluating sources to be sure that they 1) respond to your specific research goals/question(s) and 2) are credible texts. 

Cite early and often. Do not wait until the paper is written to create in-text citations and a works cited page. 

  • To write your lit review’s main idea, consider how the sources you’ve selected relate to each other and to the larger body of knowledge on this subject.
  • Usually, a literature review uses 3rd person point-of-view and an objective tone. 
  • Try to use direct, concise language that’s easy to understand for a non-expert audience.
  • Avoid using long direct quotations, as they can overwhelm your own voice. Instead, use paraphrasing, summary, and concise quotations. 
  • Minimize your own potential biases and treat sources in an even-handed manner. 
  • Locate and read some sample literature reviews related to your topic. Chances are, the scholarly sources you’ve found so far have literature reviews, even if they’re not labeled as such. Generally, literature reviews appear immediately after an essay or article’s introduction.