Poster (human performance technology) | Article writing homework help

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poster with summary created in Microsoft Word

No plagiarism 

please cite properly 

check grammar and punctuation

choose a leadership:

Nelson Mandela

Bill Gates 

Kamala Harris OR

Martin Luther King Jr

This week you have learned about the important role of leadership in Human Performance Technology(HPT) and in the organization overall. Using what you have learned this week, you will choose a leader that stands out to you. You will copy a photo of this leader (remember to cite it) and paste into a Word document. Once you have pasted the photo, you will begin to label the characteristics that you feel the leader has. The goal is to create a poster format of this leader giving credit to all their strongest qualities. Once you have completed this, you will post your file on the forum with a summary that summarizes the leader’s key qualities.

Your work should include the following:

  • Create a poster that defines a selected leaders’ best qualities.
  • Use arrows, textboxes, etc. to point to key characteristics of the leader.
  • Summarize the leaders’ qualities including their relation to Human Performance Technology (HPT) and organizational behavior. This should be posted to the forum along with your poster.