Powerpoint presentation | Criminal Law

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PowerPoint Guidelines: You should have 13 to 21 slides, please follow the guidelines listed below for creating your PowerPoint.

Title-1 slide– (5 points) The title of your research. Include your name, teacher’s name, course period and name.

Introduction- 2-3 slides– (15 points) Provide the background information, context, study question, relevant knowledge on issue. It is good to use a photograph in this section if it can get your viewers oriented on your subject or study question (although not mandatory)

Hypothesis/Problem Statement- 1 slide– (10 points) Give a clear hypothesis or problem statement.

Results/Discussion- 3-5 slides– (20 points) Describe descriptive results. Present any information that is relevant to your subject. It can include text and/or table graphs.

Conclusions-1-5 slides– (10 points) Summarize the hypothesis or problem statement and results and state whether the research supports your initial thoughts on the matter. Discuss why the results are conclusive and interesting. Include all key points, implications, and create only one slide for each message.

Future -1-2 slides-(10 points) Where should attention be focused to make change (if change is needed) What changes or additions need to be made along the way?

References-1 slide– (10 points) Site your references in APA format.  You must have a minimum of 4 references.  One can be the text book.  All other references should be from NC Live.  You can get to the database by going to the FTCC library.  You may not use Wikipedia and Legal/Lawyer websites.

Presenting Presentation– (20 points)

Be creative! You may place graphs, photos, clip art, cartoons, and/or video in your presentation.

In the attachment, I have chosen the topic and all the references already.