Public relations shaping the news

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Watch or read one of the following and locate an example of a news story you saw/read that likely resulted from a public relations effort. Your story must be a current example (within the week for TV or newspaper or a current monthly issue of a magazine).

  • A morning network news show (like the Today Show)
  • A local news show
  • A national news show
  • A daytime/late night talk show
  • An entertainment show (like Entertainment Tonight)
  • A magazine
  • A newspaper

Provide the following information:

Where you saw the example (source and date, include the headline also if in a magazine or newspaper), and please use APA style for your citation.

A description of the story and why you think it’s an example of public relations.

Explain whether you would have recognized that example as PR (or even thought about it) prior to beginning your study of PR.

This should be approximately one page long, not longer

NOTE: You are NOT finding a story about the public relations industry or a PR campaign. Possible stories that work for this assignment might include a company moving its headquarters to Tampa, someone helped by a non-profit organization, the Rays volunteering to serve meals to the homeless, a new book by a popular author, cosmetic products featured on a talk show, etc.