Questions-200 words each | Human Resource Management homework help

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Must answer the two questions below with 200 words each and utilize the textbook(see attached) for references in each paragraph,

1. Briefly discuss the difference between training and development and how they can affect a performance appraisal. 

2. What is the process for developing a succession plan? Also, explain the importance of a succession plan.

.Assessments Requirement:

1. Must meet the 200 word requirement. The 200 word minimum is there so you provide enough detail and provide a more substantial analysis.

2. Must utilize the textbook as a reference only.

2. Cite in every paragraph with author(s), year. Do not include a page number when paraphrasing.

3.  Include the reference or references for each question.

4. If you do not cite or if you do not include a reference, you will not earn any credit for your response.

5. Direct quotes are not analysis and  should not be used when answering questions.

Textbook Reference:


Noe, R. A. (2020). Employee training and development (8th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.