Social justice issue:racism | Article writing homework help

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Social Justice Issue: Racism Conduct background research on your issue.  This is where you gather more information about your movement, narrow down your focus, and choose the sources that you will use for your research.  You must use a minimum of 5 academic sources. 

1.  Compose a thesis statement.  Make an argument about the social movement you are researching (this should address why the movement is still relevant today). 

 Write your essay.  Your essay must have an introduction, a thesis statement and include all three required sections.  It must be no fewer than 6 pages in length, with the first section having a minimum length of three pages (including introduction), the second section having a minimum length of two pages, and the final section having a minimum length of one full page.  It must also follow APA format and include a cover page and works cited page (abstract is not necessary and will not be counted as part of the length requirement if included).