Strategic marketing plan | Management homework help

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In this final assignment, you will develop a strategic marketing plan based on a small health care organization or a specific service or product for a larger health care organization within 100 miles of your home. Your strategic marketing plan will include a summary of your digital marketing strategy. By now, you should be able complete and refine all the slides required for this assignment.


Your marketing plan should include the following slides and information. (This list aligns with the PowerPoint template.)

  • Cover slide.
  • Provider Name – Executive Summary.
  • Organization/Product/Service.
  • Organizational Mission and Vision.
  • Features and Benefits of Product/Service.
  • SWOT of (Your Provider).
  • Product Differentiation.
  • Marketing Approach (2–3 slides).
  • Marketing Budget and Pricing.
  • Product/Service Distribution.
  • Performance or Effectiveness of Plan.
  • Organizational Impact.
  • Sources slide.

When complete, your strategic marketing plan presentation should include:

  • 13–15 slides, excluding the cover slide and sources slide.
  • Speaker notes for each slide, explaining your strategy and choices.
  • A minimum of 3–5 quality references to support your marketing plan choices.

Additional resources to help you complete this assignment are available in the Instructional Materials section of the Course Guide.