Week 2 post 1 minimum of 150 words apa format

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This week we will be discussing the ethical dilemma between street crime and white-collar crime. First, you should read about the Ford Pinto case. Familiarize yourself with the facts of the case, and the outcome.


Use Google – the search words Ford Pinto Lawsuit should bring up a ton of information AND white-collar crime









If your last name begins with the letters L-Z, you are to draft arguments that Lee Iacocca should have been prosecuted criminally.



This is the CRITERIA that your posts will be graded on:


  • The depth of understanding you display
  • The accuracy of your cites (citations are mandatory)
  • Your writing skills (grammar / spelling)
  • Proper word count (150  words)
  • The quality of your interaction with other students in the discussion